Sunday, October 31, 2010

Cocoa Beach (Florida) Air Show - October 31, 2010

Some of those that were in the costume party last night agreed that we met up at Cocoa Beach this afternoon for the Air Show. We arrived at the location at 1 o'clock, but looking for a spot to park was terrible. Special thanks to my employer for allowing us to park at their parking spot because they lived around that area. The rest of the party where there at the spot already.
It was a hot afternoon, enough to put some tan on our skin. Americans like it, but not us, Filipino ladies. Thanks to the sunblock lotion, it did not burn my face. We got a nice spot. Faye brought a gazebo which was very helpful to keep us shaded, but was removed later because of the strong wind. There were a lot of foods that were left over from last night's party. Before the most exciting part of the show came, we were just relaxing, eating, drinking and chatting. It was some kind of a continuation for the bonding we had last night. This is some kind of a healthy couple's activities that I believe we should do regularly, as our availability permits.
Then the best part of the show began. It was awesome! It reminded me of a book I loved when I was a little girl. It described the power of the plane where it can "make loops, zoom and dash... and come to land without a crash". One surprise very loud zoom from our back really made us scream. It was flying so low that we really had to duck down. There were a lot more that they did that I can't explain. I can't find the perfect word to describe them. But for over-all rating, it was excellent. We really had a blast. It was worth the time and effort we spent.
And look at these birds (the last picture), they were doing their own air show, too. How cute! Well, I believe that if I can hear them talking, they would have said, "Hey, these planes are imitating us!" How true! Because after all, they are the original "air show performers".
Click on each picture for better view. Thanks.

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Looks so much fun Grace!!!:-)