Monday, November 1, 2010

Sesame Street

Authored by Oswaldo Blackburn
I am a big fan of Sesame Street, or "The Street" as we refer to it in the hood. The Street is a gritty urban show targeted to kids, featuring a homeless monster who lives in a trash can, a bloodthirsty vampire and a crazy tall yellow bird. The whole thing is a psychedelic nightmare, and this is why of all the children's shows on television Sesame Street is the scariest and coolest in the young adult crowd.
Only with Sesame Street, the characters are not just the afflicted and hopeless. They are also represented by those who push for civil rights, like roommates Bert and Ernie and their unspoken love. Truly this is a show that knows how to be progressive. I also find the celebrity guest spots to be titillating and full of envelope pushing lasciviousness, as evidenced over the recent controversy over singer Katy Perry's dress. It is just one more example of how The Street is willing to be daring in its choices despite being a kid's show designed for toddlers. The show, contrary to conventional wisdom, is not just about pushing merchandise and making profits, although that accounts for most of the motivation for all television. No, Sesame Street is about educating youth with style and danger, featuring a rough and rugged ghetto full of monsters and shady characters, which is why it's the perfect morning show to watch on BestChoiceTV .

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