Monday, October 25, 2010

Emergency Food

My husband and I had decided to do something that I believe is a smart idea. Every time we buy groceries, we always buy extra one canned goodies to put away for what we call "emergency foods". You will never know that you will need them, and it is better to be ready than to be sorry.
Emergency foods are for the unexpected time that we can't go out to buy our food because of some calamity, like for example, a hurricane, which is very common here in Florida. Emergency food is also a good solution when an unexpected group of visitors comes up and, of course, you have to serve them some dinner or lunch.
The other day, I had decided to put out all the canned goods from our pantry to sort them out, to arrange them in order according to their "best before" date. Few of them will hit the date soon, and so I have decided to put them on our kitchen counter to remind me to use them up soon.
Well, emergency foods also served as our helper when both of us were too lazy to go out to buy for our dinner. It happened to us sometimes, and it was a relief to have them. They also serve as a "good samaritan", for when some neighbor in the middle of their cooking realized that they need something, and that they missed to buy it, they would call us and asked us if we got "it", and if we do, their problem is being solved then. It happened a lot to us, too. Thanks to the "emergency foods".

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carinamodella said...

it was really smart idea...reminding here to check the expiry date before opening the cans :)