Monday, October 18, 2010

Online Games For Our Grand Kids

This coming Christmas is going to be different to us. We had the Christmas all to ourselves last year, and sorry to say that it was so boring, or maybe we were just so used to having family with us during Christmas, but not anymore on this year. Mom and Dad are soon coming down here in Florida, hopefully before Thanksgiving Day and will stay after the bad snow will be over in Michigan. Danyale, my step-daughter will come down here, too, shortly before Christmas to spend the Christmas with us, together with her two kids, our grand kids. It surely will be a jolly and crowded holidays for us, and I am excited about it.

Being kids, Ciara and Corbin loves to play online games a lot. Although most of the time that they were with us we took them to circus and some amusement park, but every time they were in the house they either run around in all the rooms or stay at one spot to play online games. Well, obviously, her mother prefer to let them play online games to save her from headache.

In preparation for that, my husband is going to download online games from, where there are hundreds of online games selections that every individual kid might like. We are trying to be careful on what kinds of online games we give to them so as not to corrupt their young minds, and at the same time, we are having peace of mind, too.

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