Saturday, October 9, 2010

What Is A Crumpled Hundred Dollar Bill Worth To You?

If you were offered a crisp new $100 bill, would you want it? Of course you would! but if it were wadded up, crushed in a hand, and rolled into a small ball, would you still want it? Of course you would because it's still worth $100. And what if the $100 bill were thrown to the floor and stomped on several times, would you still want it? Again, your answer would be a resounding "yes", because it's value hasn't change!
What if that $100 bill's name were used in vain, and someone was cursing and swearing with it. Would you still want it? Of course, you say again. But why? Why would you still want it? The answer is because it's still worth one hundred dollars! No matter what we do to the bill, it still retains its value. You can trample on it, you can abuse and misuse it, you can yell at it and take its name in vain; but, no matter what you do to that bill, it doesn't lose its value.
This same principle applies to God's glory. No matter what we do to God's glory, its value is always there. People may trample on it and drag it through the mud. They might repeatedly use our Lord's name in vain, but no matter what they do, God's glory never loses its vale. Through dire circumstances, we may not see His glory shining, but it's still there. God's glory never loses its value or its presence. Like breaking through the clouds as you take off in an airplane on a cloudy day and realizing that the sun is still shining, God's glory shines no matter how many clouds are in our lives.
This post is taken from the book "Cat & Dog Theology" by Bob Sjorgen & Gerald Robison, pp. 152-153


Lisa said...

I have missed your wonderful posts. I hope you are well.

Katherine ( Katie) Corrigan said...

I enjoyed my visit to your lovely blog. Wishing you happiness, Katherine

Layla White, PoweredServices said...

To me, a crumpled 100 dollar bill is worth 100 dollars. LOL! I don't think it changes value, crumpled or brand new. :)