Saturday, October 9, 2010

Impressions Always Count

I was talking about pursuing College on my previous post. I have another consideration and that is to take medical related courses. My Filipino friends and I were talking about taking medical assistance class and was planning to put up a care giving service for senior citizens. My friend’s husband said that it was a good idea. He might help us out on this plan or if not, he might help us find somebody else to finance on this plans we are making. We believe that it is one of the basic needs this country is having, care-giving services to senior citizens. My husband was taking up Phlebotomy, was supposed to continue it last month, but there was some problem with his papers that made it delayed and was given the idea to take it on the next semester. I had never imagined myself working in a medical field, but I would love to, because I love serving people especially the old ones; and it look likes I have a big chance on this.

Speaking of medical related job, for me, one exciting thing about it is the wearing of fashion scrubs . I always admire those who wear them. They put an impression on me on being nice, clean and helpful. I believe that impressions always count. Blue Sky Scrubs sells creative and high quality of healthcare uniform , medical scrub clothing, lab coats uniform, medical scrub sets hospital nurse uniform and many more for both men and women on sizes ranks from XXS to XXL. They have wide selection of styles, colors and print to choose. They also have lovely scrub hats to complete the trend that guarantee to out stand you from the rest. Prices are very reasonable. For more details, visit their website. It is always smart to be ahead of the trends.

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michael said...

I'm also taking phlebotomy training class. I hope your husband will be able to take it in the next semester.