Sunday, November 14, 2010

Chocolates Symbolizing Sweet Life On Thanksgiving Dinner

Thanksgiving Day will be in less than two weeks from now. I better start to figure out what I will prepare for that big family dinner day. I don’t know if we will be open on that day, but I hope that we will not so that I can have time to be a part of it and to prepare the foods, too. Just like how it was the last year, my husband’s relative that live here next to us, and some from other states will be having a big Thanksgiving dinner at the basketball court where everybody just take their food in, dine and just catching up the months or years they missed. It is kinda like a family reunion to us.
Thanksgiving Day is about food, different kind of food; because it is about being thankful of the abundant living we have, especially if you are tending a field. I believe that it is about sweets, too, symbolizing the sweet life we have throughout the year. That is why I find it rather a brilliant idea that we place some nice bowl in the center of the tables and fill them with chocolates .
Talking about Chocolates, See’s Candies is where you can find the high quality chocolates with friendly, old-fashioned service since 1921. They are made of finest grade raw ingredients of 100 varieties in all. Let me say this, if you are a fine chocolate lover, and had not tried this one, I suggest that you should do so. Fill up that half space that you miss in your life.

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Pearl said...

I like chocolates! See's sounds yum:-)