Sunday, November 14, 2010

A Good Gift To A New Neighbor

I am very happy that my new job gives me all Sundays off. This is the way I like it to happen so that my husband and I can go to the church in the morning and have a family/friends time in the afternoon. My employer understand the importance of having the Sundays off because she, too, have a healthy relationship with God. I feel so blessed to have an employer with a good heart.

My Filipino friend who just moved in the building next to us just called me a while ago, calling us to gather in her house this evening for another day of bonding. Well, I think it is about time to do so, because it has been two weeks since the last time we did that. I am excited to see my friends again, and I am glad that it fells on my day off. I am excited, too, to see their new place; they just had moved and had changed most of their furniture. If I can, I would like to buy them a wall clock because she always admire ours and they don’t have one yet, but right now we are so tight, because of the coming Thanksgiving big family dinner. I am hoping that after the season, we can then afford to buy them this howard miller wall clock from as our gift to them.

Enjoy the rest of the day!

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