Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Decking Out Our House For Hanukkah

Guest post written by Carol Burns

I always think way ahead of time when I'm planning for certain activities. My husband is hosting an office holiday part at our house in a few weeks and I've been using all of my spare time trying to come up with decorations to put up around our place and also come up with the menu for the party.

I went online to try and find some stuff to get some inspiration as to how to decorate our place for the party, when I decided to LOOK at some stuff that I had found about a new satellite internet company. Our old internet company has been disappointing us for a while, so I decided to show it to my husband and we're going to change over our internet access to it.

I found some blue and silver Hanukkah decor that is definitely more classy and subtle looking than a lot of the garish stuff that I found when I went to local stores in hopes of finding something. IÕm glad that I started planning ahead of time so that the decorations will get shipped here in plenty of time.

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