Saturday, November 20, 2010

Fire In The 185 B2 Building

January of 2010, an old woman who lived on the second floor of the 185 B2 building was preparing a lunch for her expected visitor; her granddaughter and her boyfriend. She was frying something, left it to get the finest tablecloth that she kept on her linen closet. It happened to be on top of several other tablecloths that she have because she did not really use it on ordinary days. She was struggling to get them out. She went back and found her kitchen on fire. The good thing was that the old woman was still in her right senses, she walked out from her apartment and went downstairs. The fire was bad that pretty much everything in her apartment became useless due to the fire.
Our Aunt Kathy happened to be on that same building, but on the ground floor. Everybody that lives on that building have to evacuate their apartment for a week. Some of them can still go there to get something from their apartment, but nobody was allowed to stay longer there, let alone to sleep there because of the smoke that lingers in the entire building.
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