Sunday, November 21, 2010

Happy Birthday: Charleen

I wanted to start this "Happy Birthday" journal on the first day of the next year, but well, I realize I can start anything at any time. So, here it is; my initial post... and I hope you follow me in the days to come where I will be posting the birthdays of my family members (both side: my husband and mine), friends and acquaintances. I may forgot some, but I certainly wouldn't do it on purpose.

Today's birthday celebrant is Charleen. She is my husband's first degree cousin. She is the first family/relatives of Gene that I met when I arrived here in USA. She was my "matron of honor" on our wedding (not just that, she had contributed a lot on that day, too). She is very warm and helpful friend to me. She is a good woman and every body just love her. She is a of the many reasons why I can say I am so blessed to become a part of my husband's family. I love you, Charleen. In addition to good health, happiness and prosperity, may there will be many more good things happen to your life in the future.


charleen said...

Thank you so much Grace! I feel so honored and blessed to have met you and that you have joined our family. There is no doubt that you are a Christian as you exhibit it in every way and every day of your life! You are a wonderful person and I love you very much!!

Shinade said...

That was a wonderful birthday tribute Grace! happy Birthday Charleen!!