Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Happy Birthday: Nanay Becca, Baby & Pearl

I wanted to start this "Happy Birthday" journal on the first day of the next year, but well, I realize I can start anything at any time. So, here it is; my initial post... and I hope you follow me in the days to come where I will be posting the birthdays of my family members (both side: my husband and mine), friends and acquaintances. I may forgot some, but I certainly wouldn't do it on purpose.
The first person I want to acknowledge today's birthday is Nanay Becca. She is my bestfriend Ann's grandmother. Although we are not genetically related, but Nanay Becca treated me as one of her grandchildren; I loved and respected her as my grandmother, too. I have known here for 17 years, and it is the same length of years that my bestfriend Ann and I are friends, too. Everybody that knows Nanay Becca would agree with me that she is a good woman of God. Her hospitality is far more than ordinary. Her dedication to serve her children down to her great-grandchildren is very outstanding. That is why on every year that she celebrated her birthday, her family, friends and neighbors made sure that it was celebrated in a special way.
One thing I regret though, is that I was not able to visit her when I was in the Philippines last September. I am praying to God that I will be given a chance to visit and see her on the next time I visit Philippines. To Nanay Becca, I wish her health, happiness and love from all that knows her.

Baby, as what we all call her, is a visually impaired beautiful lady of God. I met her first in our Church Membership Class (The Living Word, Cebu, Philippines). Once again my memory failed me, I don't remember what year was that. We became prayer partner, belonged to the same ministry and friends. I even became one of the volunteers to assist and take care of the visual impaired children during one of their annual training for the parents who have visual impaired children in which she is the regional director of Resources for the Blind, Inc. Cebu City District.
Just like with Nanay Becca, I was not able to see her when I was there in the Philippines. I could have seen her, but she was not in the country, she was in Malaysia to deliver speech for the cause of people with visual impair. I am very impressed with her. She has been to around the country, and she is blind. She lost her sight since she was 18 years old. Just like Nanay Becca, Baby is a wonderful woman of God. She has greatly blessed God's name in her own way and in many ways. She is a blessing to thousands of visual impaired children, as well as to their families, too. She is a blessing to me, too. I miss her and is hoping to see her again sometime. In God's perfect timing.
Pearl, (I like that name) is a blogging friend of mine. I happened to be on her blog during the first few weeks that I started my blog, way back 2008. I don't know her so much yet and I don't judge people by impressions. We just started to have more personal friendship a couple of weeks ago, but knowing her as a person through reading her blog, I believe that she is another wonderful woman of God. A loving wife and mother.
We all need friends, especially the good ones. I did not say let us not befriend those that are not good because I believe we should befriend them because they need us. However, having a good friend is very helpful to us in many ways, especially when we are having problems and need some sound advice. Good friends are gifts from God that we should cherish and nurture in a way we can.


I am Roni said...

happy birthday to them too ;)

Pearl said...

Thanks a bunch Grace!!! You are a blessing:-) XXOO