Thursday, November 11, 2010

You Have To Love What You Do

I cannot count anymore how many friends of mine I had helped to put up their website. After they have seen mine, they were just inspired to have one, too. It was either they were bored and want to do something on their free time, or they were attracted by the earnings I made which is only a plus to me. Out of many that I helped, half of them did not push through. I think I know the reason. I believe that if your reason for starting to blog is for the anticipation of “earning”, you wouldn’t be successful. You have to love writing to see the fruit of your labor. The readers can tell that what you write is from your heart and that is what blogging is all about.
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I want to see you be successful in your blogging, too. May God bless you.


Pearl said...

hI GRACE! are you going to transfer to your own site already?:-) thanks for helping.

Life Moto said...

what ever you do do it well. as long as you love and enjoy what you doing.