Thursday, November 11, 2010

Life Insurance That Requires No Test

I am happy to have a job again after two months of being unemployed. Although I want to say that I love staying home because I love being a homemaker and doing my crafts, but as they say, having a job is good both for the body and for mind. Besides that, I need to send money to my mama regularly for her medication. They are counting on me for that.

I am very happy, too, that my employer is a very good woman. I guess, nobody would like to work with an unpleasant employer. I believe that a good employer plays a big rule to employees to help inspire them to be the best that they can be in their assignment.

However, I have one concern on the new job that I got. My scope in this job includes being a cashier in a retail store. I have heard and seen countless times on television news about convenient store robbery, which some of them were killed. This is not a convenient store, anyway, and it is located in a crowded area, so it would be unlikely for any robbery to happen.

Should I start to consider getting life insurance for myself? There is this No Exam Life Insurance , the first website on the internet that sells affordable term life insurance which requires no physical exam; such as blood, urine, or scale. All you need to do is just to answer few questions, pay and they will then print your policy. Easy, huh?

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