Thursday, November 11, 2010

Happy Veterans Day!

"SEMPER FI" this is how my husband greeted a fellow veterans when they come across each other. The words has strength, pride and passion in it. I admire them a lot.

In sweet memory of my grandfather VICENTE VIDAL, was an American Veteran, I give him the honor to be remembered on this day for what he did for the star-spangled country, USA.

My husband is a veteran, too. He was in the army during 1976. Oh my goodness! I was still 4 years old then. He took advantage of today by doing what he wants, bragging to me that it is "Veteran's Day". It is his day! I asked him, "If you have a day, when will be my day?" "Immigration Day!", was his answer. (???) That is my husband, full of sense of humor.

To all Military Veterans who sacrifice their lives, including my husband, to have this country a better life, liberty and justice for all, please accept our deepest gratitude to all of you. God bless America!


willie a.k.a reptoz said...

In Malaysia, we have a celebration for the Soldiers. We call it as "Hari Pahlawan" or in English, "The Warrior's Day".

Happy Veterans day!

Mike Golch said...

I Celebrat Veterans Day with you and a Hearty Thank you to your Husband for his service.

Mike Golch said...

An added note in 1976 I was out of the USAF 2 years when he was in.

Shinade said...

Hi Grace! This is a wonderful tribute and please thank your husband for me and our family for his service to our country.

I hope you both have a wonderful weekend!
God bless,