Monday, November 8, 2010

Malunggay - (Before and After)

May of this year when a concern (Filipina) citizen, Beth, of Hawaii offered to give away malunggay seed to anybody who might be interested. She posted it on WOF (World of Filipinas), which my husband has been a member since 2006 and up to the present, but I have been the one using his account since he no longer need it since I came here. :)
The picture on the left was the seed right from the envelop that my friend sent to me; and the picture on the right is what it looks like after planting it on the ground for 4 months. Well, I planted them first on a small pot and kept inside our house; and two months after I had decided to transplant them on the ground where it really belongs.
We call this "Malunggay" in the Philippines. It probably got different name in different country, but it is "Moringa" in English. I don't even know if anybody here in USA knows about this plant. Filipinos used the leaves of Malunggay like you do with Spinach and also the fruit it produces as a vegetables. Both the leaves and the fruit are very nutritious, which contain many vitamins like Vitamin C and other minerals. Filipinos have been eating these leaves as part of our food for centuries. I remembered that a friend of mine used it as a hang-over remedy to her brother, too.
I am looking forward to see it growing tall. It can grow as tall as 10 feet or more. This plant grows in a tropical country, I am worried right now because it gets colder now here in Florida. I hope that it will survive until next spring again where it can really grow faster.
Thank you very much, Beth, for your generosity. You have no idea how many Filipinas (including me and my Filipina friends here in the neighborhood) you have helped and made happy. I believe God had blessed you already, and I am praying for more blessings for you.


Pearl said...

Im jealous! hindi yan mabubuhay dito sa iowa!:-) nice plant grace.

I am Roni said...

lucky you 'cause its one miracle plant ;)