Monday, November 8, 2010

So Ladybug Like

Post contributed by Leonard Phelps


This was our daughter's first Halloween and we were so ecstatic. To make it memorable, we wanted her to have the perfect costume. After traveling to a variety of stores, we finally chose a cute ladybug costume for her.

Although she may not remember everything that happens, we made sure to take enough pictures of her to look back on. The night was perfect for her to go trick or treating. Don't get me wrong, we weren't going to let her eat a lot of candy (she's only 10 months), but we did want her to have fun on her first trick or treat night.

Once Halloween arrived, the weather for the night was perfect; it wasn't too chilly for her. I must admit, I think I was more excited than she was. When we headed out, I was relieved to find that she did actually enjoy herself. She's very friendly and she loved pushing the doorbell of people's houses. She would smile or sometimes laugh when the owner would finally open the door to give her a treat. Instead of being scared of the kids with scary costumes, she'd either stare at them with curiosity or let out a cute laugh. It was fun.

Overall, the night was a sweet success. We ended it by cuddling on the couch to watch some dish.t