Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Ms. Apple's Crab Shack

We wanted to go to the Space Coast State Fair to ride their "rides", we arrived there too early, as early as 2 p.m., and so we just rode past the location, off we went to Lone Cabbage to just sit around together with busload of tourists anticipating alligator around. While we were there, my husband called Michael, (he works at the Fair) asked him what time the fair open, told him it will be on 5 P.m. We didn't want to hang around for 3 hours more to wait for the fair to open. We decided to just go back home and maybe come back another day, as our availability permits.
On our way back home, my husband suddenly was craving for crabs. Ms. Apple's Crab Shack was on our way, so we have decided to drop by and see what they got. Once we were inside, I was amused as I was looking at my husband's face, he looks like he was out of his mind looking at those hundreds of crabs. They got shrimp, fish, mussel, oyster and clams, too. He can't decide what to get. After almost quarter of an hour looking around, he finally decided to get half a dozen large size crabs, have them cooked it and we took it home to eat with rice. We had a very filling dinner and were very satisfied. Thanks God for the food.
For your information, Ms. Apple's Crab Shack is located at 520 Merritt Island Causeway (Florida). The owner is Ms. Apple, a very friendly Thailander. They have cook, too, and he is very good. We like how he did it. We really enjoyed our dinner with the crabs.

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