Friday, November 26, 2010

"Not Too Coy" Winter Shoes

The air was cold around this time last year. I remember that I had to wear long underwears to keep me warm. Well, I am glad it is not cold yet, because I am not ready for the winter to strike. I need a new pair of winter shoes because the ones I had from two winters ago is peeling off, and when it comes to shoes, Zappos is my favorite online shoes store because they always have the latest designs.

When it comes to buying a pair of women’s winter shoes , I can’t forget what my mom-in-law taught me on how to choose the right one to make sure that it will keep my feet warm. You have to know the materials. I like these pair of winter boots in the picture from Zappos, called “Not Too Coy Steamy”. The style is elegant and made of good quality materials. I’m pretty sure that my feet will keep warm on these.

Well, it doesn’t end there. I am going to buy a pair of men’s sandal for my husband as one of my Christmas gift for him. He needs a new one. I know it doesn’t sound appropriate that I will buy him a pair of sandal when what we need is something to keep us warm, but it is because he don’t need a pair of winter shoes because he have few. Though my husband will not need the pair of sandals right now, but the winter will come to an end and it will start to warm up again and that is when my husband will need the pair of sandals.


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