Thursday, November 25, 2010

Family Thanksgiving Dinner 2010

Our family Thanksgiving Dinner here in Merritt Island (FL) this afternoon was a success. Everybody enjoyed the moment of just talking to each other, eating while bonding with family, relatives and friends. The children were having fun, too. There were about 30-40 people that were joining together. As usual, it was held at the basketball court, where the men set up a long tent and put up tables and chairs under it. The weather was wonderful today. Nobody was cold at all. (I remember that last year that I had to wear double tops because it was cold.) There were variety of foods and desserts on the 4 long tables.
A special thanks to Orville, Mary, Michael and Terry for all the efforts that they put to make this event possible and for making everybody comfortable and satisfied. Thanks to all who came that made us merrier. Above all, a special thanks to Sharon and Mary from West Virginia; to Tomas, Keli and their 2 sons from Texas; and to Ed, Annette and Ricky from Michigan. It was their presence that made the events more special. They came down here all the way from other states to spend the Thanksgiving Day with us.


Shinade said...

Oh that looks just wonderful Grace. I am so glad you had such a wonderful day!!

Andrea said...

Sooooo glad you had a wonderful Thanksgiving!

Kadir said...

Wow... Very nice Thanksgiving party. Happy Thanks giving day!!!