Thursday, November 25, 2010

What Do You Look For A Car?

I know that I keep saying that I will start learning how to drive soon. My husband made his cousin in charge in teaching me how to drive because he confessed that he got no patience in teaching, and I can tell that he is not a good teacher either. I keep putting this thing aside because I just didn’t feel the need to do so until now.

My husband will go back to school starting January, it means that our schedule might clash to each other, and it would be possible that one of us will either suffer or sacrifice. My employer told me that it would be of my good advantage if I can drive and get my own car so that they can assign me from DK to DQ and vice versa on anytime. Seriously, I started thinking about this lately. I really have to do this.

My husband said that driving is easy and it depends on the kind of car. Cadillac Cts-V for instance, is brilliant. According to the review, the lusty 556-horsepower supercharged LSA V-8 under the hood is docile and smooth around town, but absolutely stonking when unleashed. The over-all ride quality is great.

Another car is the Hyundai Equus , is plushly outfitted and more formally styled. This presents an intriguing alternative to the Lexus or the Lincoln, but performance isn’t quite as sharp, nor is it intended to be as sporting, Its V-8 throbs with horsepower, but handling’s less confident than BMW.

The VW Polo is generally quite slow and is much more fun to drive. Its braking and handling are that of expected of a family hatchbackbuild quality. Its design is really comfy, with great steering wheel seats and gearknob. It is cheap to run and easy for maintenance.

I just became interested in cars. I want to know more about it, maybe it is because I will be driving one soon. I will be putting my life on it, and so, I better know as much as I can about cars, and one way is by reading wiki cars .

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