Wednesday, November 24, 2010

A Romper For Baby Logan

Baby Logan was born on November 1st of this year, and the wonderful thing is that he shares his birthday with his daddy Robert. I think it is awesome! Robert just received the most precious birthday gift ever, a son. Sara his mommy just adores him. He is the entire world to her, and I want to believe that Baby Logan has changed the life of both his daddy and mommy. By the way, Sara is my husband’s niece.

Everybody just loves Logan. Everybody came to his house to see him. How I wish we could, too, but they live in Michigan and it will take several months before we can go visit there. It is amazing how a baby can make everybody come together to just talk and shares the happy moment with the parents for having the baby. Well, I am grateful to Facebook because it is where I can follow Logan’s development and seen his pictures that are updated weekly.

Since we cannot go to visit him, we might as well just send his first Christmas gift from us. I found this very cute baby clothing in A boys motorcycle layered sleeve rompers. Isn’t it cute? This is perfect for winter and yet very stylish. It is made of soft cotton jersey with two side pockets and diaper snaps. I am sure that this will make Logan look more handsome than he already is.

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