Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Vote Wisely!

My husband was so excited to vote today. I was still sleeping when he woke me up and told me that he have to go to the school to vote. I forgot about that. If I didn’t, I would have woke up early and prepare myself to go with him. I wanted to be a part of this one of the important day here in America. But it was too late, I was still on bed and he was ready to go. I am not an American citizen yet. I am hoping that in 3 years to come I will be. Then, I will be legible to vote, too.
To the American citizen: Did you vote yet? If not, go ahead and catch for it. Your vote is very important. The future of our nation is in your hands. Vote wisely. In less than 24 hours, the outcome of the election will be announce and will determine the path of nearly 28 million unemployed/underemployed American workers. We are all hoping for a great change that will bring millions of job opportunities to the nation.
Let us all pray that God’s hand will be on this nationwide event and will bless the outcome of it.


reanaclaire said...

Hello Grace,
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Dhemz said...

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