Monday, November 1, 2010

Family reunion activities

Guest post written by Clint Brown
As much as we love getting together and eating a ton of really great food, you can't just do that for hours and hours at a family reunion. You do have to do some other things eventually. So this year I took it upon myself to plan something for all the kids to do so that they could use up some of that energy and let the adults catch up and chat some more without being bothered.
I got the idea to hold a kickball game or two after everyone's lunch had settled and I convinced my two sisters to help me, which I think they also appreciated so our great aunts wouldn't corner them about being in their 20s and not being married. I downloaded some kickball rules with my clear internet and printed them out for us to take to the reunion.
Well, it ends up that the family kickball game was a really big hit and I've already got requests to organize another one for next year. I think a lot of the adults are even interested in participating in it.

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family reunion activities said...

Whether your reunion is large or small, it's nice to have a "Welcoming address" to kick the thing off. It doesn't have to be long... 5 - 10 minutes unless you have a really good speaker in the family.