Monday, December 6, 2010

The Christmas Shoes

The students of the Lighthouse Christian Academy was hosting the praise/worship and the communion service yesterday with the assistance of their principal and some volunteers, with which they had few song presentations in between. One of the song they presented was the Christmas Shoes, where I noticed that everybody were so touched by the lyrics, and several cried. It brought tears to my eyes, too. I can't help but think of my mother. If I can make a request to God, I don't want to lose my mother during Christmas time. But, it was a good song though.
My husband commented to me when we were on our way home that he didn't like the song. I understand him. In fact, I didn't like the song, too; there was nothing wrong with the melody because it was good. It was the lyrics. I don't think that it should be consider as Christmas song, left alone to be sung in the church. I believe that Christmas songs are supposed to be a happy song. Well, I believe, too, that the song was intended only for the theme song of the movie, and not for the church song presentation.
However, as a movie, there is no doubt that The Christmas Shoes is a good one. I am one of those millions that loves the story.

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