Wednesday, December 1, 2010

DIY Wrappings For DIY Gifts

Guest post written by Lauren Lawrence

In the past few years, I've been making my own gift wrap and gift bags and been having a whole lot of fun with it. By now, I'm basically an expert and have gathered all kinds of craft scraps of paper, ribbon and little trinkets that I use to help wrap gifts and make it look like a professional did it. But this year I'm going even more DIY and making the gifts too.

I'm pretty good at making all kinds of crafts and stuff and I enjoy making the wrapping paper and stuff so I thought it would be even more fun for me this year. Plus, I work from home so it's easier to make the gifts instead of going out and buying them. I was looking online to find some ideas for homemade gifts, when I came across this site and read through it. Then I decided to sign up for the internet company.

But in the meantime while I'm still trying to come up with actual gift ideas, I work on a DIY gift bag here or there. I also like to incorporate things that the people who are getting them love onto the bags, like trains for my little nephew.


Pearl said...

cool idea! thanks grace:-)

analou said...

That's one of the advantages of working at home, you have lots of time to master what you like doing. Keep it up.