Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Holiday Cheese and Wine Party

Guest post written by Deb Gordon

Instead of doing the regular old holiday dinner party like me and my husband have been hosting the week before Christmas for the past couple of years, we decided this year that we're going to just have a wine and cheese party. I thought that it would be a much easier thing to host by just buying a bunch of cheeses and crackers instead of baking a whole bunch of holiday themed food. Even a dessert party takes quite a bit of trouble in the kitchen.

But I wanted to make sure that I would have some really good cheeses and a wide enough selection, so I went online with my wimax 4g and found all kinds of different cheeses to put on my grocery shopping list.

I'm taking care of the cheese and crackers and I'm letting my husband take care of the wine for the wine and cheese party because he knows more about wine than I do. I'll have to make sure that he gets enough of each kind though. We'll also be encouraging people to bring their own favorite wines, of course.

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