Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Ribbon Cutting Ceremony At Dollar King (Cocoa Beach, FL)

Today was the Ribbon Cutting Ceremony of the new business of John and Ila, the Dollar King. It has been operating for three weeks now and we thank God that it is doing pretty good. People in the neighborhood are very happy to have us because there was nothing like our store nearby and it saves them from going to either Merritt Island or Cocoa City to shop for what they need.
It was around 50 degree this afternoon, but we are glad that it did not stop the people from showing up for the event. I find it a pleasure to be a part of this important event in the history of Dollar King. We served them hot coffee, hot chocolate and Dunkin Donut holes. Many of our guest that showed up are members of Chamber of Commerce with which my employers are also members.
Toby, Inna and I are grateful for the job we have in the Dollar King. My prayer for the Dollar King is for it to grow, last and become successful in serving the neighborhood.


gracia said...

Ikaw ang manager diri grace?

Pearl said...

grace sa inyo ba to? great!