Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Perfect Garland For Our Banister

Guest post written by Carrie Cartwright


For the past couple of years, I've looked at the banister of our stairs in our entrance way and thought about how great some Christmas garland would look wrapped around it. But I've never actually decided to do anything about putting some up there until about a week ago. I thought that I'd use this extra time that I got off work for Thanksgiving to whip some up.

I had thought about just ordering some offline with my CLEAR-INTERNET and saving myself the trouble, but I realized that it wouldn't be all that much trouble to make myself.

I bought enough garland and lights to put together the lighted garland and it just looks so beautiful when you walk into our home and see it! I really regret not going to the trouble of doing this before. It really wasnŐt all that much trouble and does make our entranceway look pretty festive. Whereas it was pretty lacking before because itŐs so small and we couldnŐt really fit any other Christmas decorations in the space.

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grace said...

hi sangay... Thank God I found u again. I added u na sa blog list. nawala man gud ka when I bought domain...hehehehe.. add my new url ha..also my and, TY HUGS!