Sunday, December 12, 2010

Remembering The Snow

There was blizzard in some north part of America. Few of my friends in Facebook showed their pictures of the snow, and it made me miss it.
This picture was taken winter of 2008, during one afternoon that I walked Fluffer at the backyard of our house in Michigan. I was wearing three layer of tops and another three layer of pants. I'm glad I have this picture. I know I had better ones with deeper snow, but I can't find it because they are stored in our old laptop where we didn't use anymore. However, I will still try to retrieve them and move them in a spot where I can have easy access to them.
I miss the sight of the snow. I love it. It felt so heavenly being amidst of it, but I don't like the cold weather. I remember being in a place where all I saw was wide sight snow; not a tree nor a house. It made me asked myself; "Am I on heaven?" I remember, too, that I kept telling my husband that "I'm gonna die here!", because of the cold weather. One thing that I regret not doing was making angel on the snow. Well, I can't blame myself because I can't bear the cold and there's no way that I can lie down on the snow to make an angel.
My husband and I were planning to visit Michigan on next December. If God permits. I want to see snow again, and I hope that this time I can play on it and make an angel, too.

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chubskulit said...

Consider yourself lucky sis kasi alang snow dyan hehehe