Sunday, December 26, 2010

Shopping With My Family

Written by my friend Dong Wood


I really enjoy Christmas shopping, even when the streets are jammed and the stores are overly crowded. My husband and I always go shopping around Christmas time because it makes us get in the spirit Christmas. It normally snows a few times in the month of December and that as well always make us feel as if it is the holidays.

My husband and enjoy shopping at target because we always find something for everyone at reasonable prices. If we start shopping early enough, we are always able to find extra discounts and savings on select items. My husband and I shop for the kids at toys r us, but when we go to target, they go a long to help find gifts for the grandparents and the uncles and aunts. It seems as though it is a tradition we've been doing for several years and the kids enjoy just as much as we do.

My kids are 7, 00, and 04, so I always let them walk the store together to find their grandparents, something, while my husband and I shop for his parents. We all look for everyone else's presents together. I must say I enjoy this time more than any other with my family. We always eat out and catch a movie afterwards, so we always set the home security alarm from since we are never aware when we will be back home.

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