Sunday, January 2, 2011

Back-to-Back New Year's Eve Party

We had a back-to-back New Year's Eve party last Friday night. It worried me a bit because I need to work at 9:00 in the following morning. Well, it was either I will enjoy the party and still be there at work on the following morning with possibly less sleep; or stay at home to sleep early.

The first party was in Dolly's residents. It was primarily consisted of "Fil-Am" couples, with exception to Riza's and her mother. We had varieties of Filipino food on the table, but the star of the night was the "lechon" (roasted whole pig). We (the girls) had a happy night sharing stories, good laughs and the all-time favorite which was the picture taking, while the men were having their fun, too, by catching up with each other with drinks, and the ham roll that I brought that they like very much. I was surprised that the (american) men never had ham roll before. Well, I guess it was a good idea that I decided to make ham roll for the party then.
Too bad that we can't stay longer as we would have like it, because we have another party to catch on before the eve will be over. Good thing was that the "Fil-Am" party started early, and we had the chance to have fun with them for 3 hours.
I would like to thank Dolly, for being the host; to Fhey, for making the "lechon" possible, and to everybody who came, making the night successful and happy. Special thanks, too, to Annette and Ed who drove us to the party and back to home.
The second party was in the office of MICHA. It was with the family, friends and neighbors that surrounds the complex. There were varieties of foods, too. My share was the "lumpia", which I'm glad that they all liked. There were music, cocktail drinks (bartended by Orville), and the "trivia game" (hosted by Mary), which became part of the New Year's Eve party that started 5 years ago.
It is always so good to be with our family and friends as we all gather to meet the new year 2011. May this way of life or tradition will continue on every year, and passed them to our children and grand children, giving them the value of being a family.

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