Sunday, January 2, 2011

Mailbox Designs Has Evolve, Too.

The holidays are finally over. Our company has gone home. It is now time to slow down; putting back in the box the Christmas trees and the decors. Collecting the Christmas cards, writing down their names and address to make sure that I can include them on Christmas card sending on next Christmas time.
We are still getting Christmas cards in the mail these days. I checked our mailbox the other day and there were 2 Christmas cards from relatives, and I believe that there will still be more coming. I'll just keep checking my mailbox.
Talking about mailboxes, I found this one in the website of, and I can't help but say to myself that everything seems evolving including the mailbox designs. Blomus mailboxes are now the fashion in mailbox. I think the design is cool. It looks like an ATM, where you place your envelop for automated deposit. This picture that shows and more modern mailboxes are available in the website that I mentioned above. They have variety styles of stainless steel mailboxes , and they are always inventing new designs every now and then. Visit their website for more information.

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