Monday, January 10, 2011

Be Safe On The Road With HID Light

Dad and Mom had avoided the strike of the snow blast on the road by riding down here in Florida a couple of days earlier than what they had planned. However, they still had a very tough trip because of the black ice that were almost everywhere from Michigan all the way down to Georgia. They have seen several cars that swiveled around due to black ice, but with thorough preparation, careful hands, keen eyes, and of course, with God’s grace, they were able to get through safe and sound.

Part of the preparation on taking a long distance driving aside from being wide-awake is to make sure that you have with you in your car these stuff; first aid kit, emergency road kit, blanket, food, water and a great flashlight. These are necessary especially if expecting a storm on the way. I know it is better to stay away from the road during times like this, but on some given circumstances, they leave us no option but to take risk. The image enclose is a rechargeable hand-held light by . It has a high intensity discharge light with a 35 watt lamp producing 3200 lumens (approximately 15 million candlepower in retail setting). When it comes to brightness and distance of over 3,000 feet, this is definitely a winner.

The next time you have to take long distance driving during a bad weather, be sure to remember all the things that I mentioned above.

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