Sunday, January 2, 2011

Holiday Cheese Ball Recipe

Guest post written by Heather Brown


I've been doing all kinds of stuff to plan for the holidays and even though Christmas is almost here, I'm not done with my planning. My in-laws are getting to our house the day before Christmas Eve, so I wanted to have some nice refreshments set out for them after their long drive.

I went online to try and come up with some different recipes that I could use to make things for them when they get there. While I was online looking up that stuff, I came across some website CLEARWIREINTERNET.COM and after I read through it some, I signed up for an internet package from it.

I found some cheese ball recipe that I'm going to make. I've never tried to make a cheese ball before, I've just always bought cheese balls, but I don't think that it can be all that hard anyway. But IŐve also bought a good selection of crackers that IŐm going to serve with it and I think that theyŐll really like it. I remember last Christmas that my father-in-law ate a lot of a cheese ball at a holiday party.


Pearl said...

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