Monday, January 3, 2011

Welcome Back, Snowbirds

Since the day after new year's day, most of our customers where from other states. "So that means you are a snowbirds?" I asked. "Oh, yeah." They answered in between chuckles.
This made me decide to make a poster that says "Welcome Back , Snowbirds" with a white bird on it. I want to give them the warm feeling of being in Florida again, by acknowledging their presence, and letting them know that we are happy to have them again here with us in Florida. I suggested the thought to my employer. They liked the idea, and gave me the permission.
While I was in the process of making the poster, more and more customers came by, obviously from other states, because you can tell by the cars they were on. Oh boy, how I wished I thought of doing this a few days ago. Well, it has been only two days since they started coming down, and there will be hundreds more that will come by our store. "Welcome Back, Snowbirds."

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