Sunday, January 23, 2011

A Pool Without Breaking Your Ground

One of the things that Ciara and Corbin (our grandkids) wanted to do when they were here with us was to swim on the pool. They loved to swim, but sad to say that we didn’t allow them because it was too cold. We promised to allow them to swim on summer time when they come back. We are glad that they liked it here with us. They said that they want to come back. I believe that one of the reasons was that they got to play with their cousins that live here in the complex. It was a wonderful time having them with us to bond together.
Their interest in swimming made my husband think that he should tell their Dad to put up a pool in their backyard, too. is the website to go to check for the varieties of styles of above ground pools, in-ground pools, installation and supplies. The image that I enclose is one of their latest styles. I think it is pretty. This is what they call above ground pool, which I believe, a good idea, because in this way they don’t have to break the ground, and I believe that this cost less than the in-ground pool that we have. Just like with the in-ground pools, this pool is built to last, too. I’m sure that our grandkids will be happier to have their own pool at their backyard someday.

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