Sunday, January 23, 2011

Brevard Zoo - For The 2nd Time Around

My parents-in-law are here with us for three weeks already. I feel a little guilty that I haven't had time to go out with them just like what we do on the last time they were here. So, I had decided to make myself available this day. I don't have anywhere particular place for go. All I know is that I want to go out and have fun. It took us a while to figure out where we should go, and my husband suggested that we go to Brevard Zoo. My initial reaction was a little hesitant because we have been there on the year 2008, but then I realized that it was 2 years ago, and maybe there are changes and improvements that took place then. After all, my main intention on this outdoor activity is to spend time with them while having fun.
It only took us 2o minutes to get there from our house. That is the good part in it. As what I had hoped, there were really some changes that took place. They have improved it, and we have seen more animals this time than we did before. To my surprise, I was not bored at all given the fact that we have been there already. In fact, I was as excited as I was before. My parents-in-law were glad that we went there, too. It was really a good zoo with so many animals that you can see and touch; considering, too, that the entrace fee is very reasonable. Too bad, that we had not the chance to bring there our grandkids because Ciara was not feeling very good then. We are hoping that on this summer that we can take them there.
Sure, we missed something by doing this. My husband had to move his study time, and I had to move my laundry time, but it was not a big sacrifice at all, because the most important is the bonding moment that we were creating as a family which is very essential in our lives. We thank God for the very wonderful day.

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Pearl said...

enjoy the time that your parents in law are there with you guys. They are blessings. God bless your family grace!