Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Taste Buds

In today's generation, we are so surrounded with manmade entertainment that are available in the television, internet, magazines, etc.; yet, it is surprising to realized that some people easily get bored with all of them. I have a suggestion here that will surely turn your outlook in life into a different level. Go to your kitchen and pull out an orange, a grape, a watermelon, or a cupcake and taste it! Have you stopped to realize that God didn't have to give you taste buds? But He did so you could taste His glory! You see, God could have made everything taste the same, like chicken. He could have made it all bland and tasteless, like water. But He didn't. He wanted you to taste a chocolate-covered strawberry. barbecue, peach nectar, butter pecan, and some more. Each taste should bring and exclamation of admiration of His handiwork. Maybe instead of just thanking God for your provision of food, you should stop in the middle of a meal you are enjoying and tell God how great He is for allowing you to have the sensation of taste.
Paraphrased from the book "Cat & Dog Theology" by Bob Sjorgen & Gerald Robison, pp. 195-196

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