Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Christmas Lights At Hollywood Studios

Thanks for the guest post by Jonathan Curtis

Christmas lights are so beautiful to look at when arranged by someone who has put method and heart into it. There are a few places here in South Florida, where I currently reside that have the most beautifully arranged Christmas decorations. Having lived in a third world country (Tanzania) for the first half of my life, I am in awe of how creative people can get with the Christmas Light Decor!

Locally, I just love to drive around with my husband and 3 children and admire the beautifully lit houses. If you are into doing that, make sure you set your www.Home-alarm-systems.com before you go out to look at Christmas lights and decorations.

But the one that really had my jaw dropping was Disney's Hollywood Studios. My family and I were there last week. We got to experience the Osbourne Family Christmas lights. What an amazing and spectacular scene. Even my little children (all under 5) were taken aback by the dancing lights and an added bonus of snow flakes. If you ever go to Disney world around Christmas, you shouldn't miss this breathtaking event.

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