Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Time To Build Up My Credit Score

On next month, it will be a year since I started working here in Florida; but guess what, I have no savings at all. I just had my 1-month Philippine vacation last September with all the gifts for a big family and friends. Well, you may ask what about the month after my vacation, still nothing. I have been sending money for my mama’s medication, which is seriously a huge amount. Well, I guess God gave me a job so that I can sustain my mama’s needs. That is fine with me, as long as it will keep my mama from being seriously sick, and as long as I can still work, too.

One of my projects of this year is to apply for a credit card . I have accounts in two different banks and one of them have been encouraging me to open a credit card account. I realize that it is for my advantage that I get a credit card, build up my credit score and so that when some unprepared expenses come (i.e. Philippine air ticket), a credit card will be there to save me. In fact, I have been asking around to help me figure out which bank I will go with, and it turn out that Citi credit cards are getting a lot of positive feedback.

If you are planning to apply for credit card, too, I suggest that you visit their website and check their credit card reviews . I believe it is always smart to hear what other says before making any plans.