Sunday, January 9, 2011

What Have I Been Doing Lately?

We were not able to go to church this morning because I can't get out of the bed. (I know it is not a valid excuse though.) We had a very busy day yesterday in the store because our stocks came up, and I was busy in stocking them up and put price on them for straight nine hours.
I watched movie while doing my 4th piece of knit scarf this afternoon. After the movie, I watched the "House Hunters". The houses were so beautiful that it made me wished we have a lot of money to afford to buy a beautiful house and elegant furnishings.
Then, came the bathroom call. I sat down, can't have "it" out. I had decided to stay relax and read my book (I keep a book in the bathroom for the times like this.) After reading a chapter, I came to realization that life is not about getting what we want. It is about giving God the glory in everything we do and say. What have I been doing lately for the glory of God? So, instead of continuing my tv watching, I had decided to go online and blog about God's amazing grace, but then, I found out that my mom-in-law was using the computer while watching the football game. I had decided to sit down and watch the game with my mom-in-law, as a form of respect and to build up some bonding moment between us. (Oh and by the way, my husband and my father-in-law were out doing their stuff by that time.) I ended up watching the whole game with my mom-in-law.
Wait a minute. Am I not suppose to get online to my blog and write about God's amazing grace. Well, isn't being there with my mom-in-law to cheer with her team is about giving God's glory, too? How so? Because honoring our mother's is what God require us to do. Honoring comes in many ways. It can be taking her advice or just being around to share a moment with her.
The game is over. Her team won. She is very happy, while at the same time is sorry about my husband, because his team lost. Well, it's only a game. Somebody have to win and somebody have to lose. I am the winner, too. I learned something valuable today, and that is to value a precious moment with somebody, whether you enjoy it or not. It is the attitude that will carry you through. Sometimes, words are not needed to tell somebody about God's amazing grace. Your action can do the job, and that will lead them to see the glory of God in our lives.

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Con Artist Trickster said...

In my opinion an action can tell many words, as long as it's true to your heart, and you do it honestly and sincerely.