Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Losing The Key - To The Glory Of God's Name

Few minutes before I had to close the store, I was going to grab the key from my pouch and found out that it was not there. I was worried. What should I do? I called my husband to have him try to look around our house, and after several minutes, he called me back to tell me that he could'nt find it. I started to feel frantic. I didn't want to bother my employer which must have rested already by then, but I got no choice but to call them and let them know the situation I was in.
The moment I arrived home, I was looking all over the places. I can't find it. I don't understand how it happened, because I thought I was always very careful in everything especially when it is related to work. It was almost 2 o'clock in the morning when I decided to sleep it off, with the hope that by morning I will find it. So, the following day, I started looking for it again, and no result. I prayed. God's answer was "Stay calm. This is my work. Have faith in me." By saying, "have faith", God did not mean to have faith and the key will be retrieve. What God was trying to tell me was that whatever will happen, there is nothing to worry because this is God's activities, using my life, all for the glory of His name. So, I declared that I am living by FAITH right now. No "why's". No "but's". Just "Yes, Lord." After all, He is the best architect, the best engineer, the best designer, and to top these all, His service is FREE. All He need from us is our FAITH. (Hard, huh? I know.)
I talked to my employers about it, that I can't find it. They give me a temporary one, but told me that I still have to keep looking for it. My one employer told me to pray about it. "I did." They told me that sometimes it takes a while before it can be retrieved. My other employer decided that we all pray together for it right then at the spot. He led the prayer that the key will be retrieve soon, and while he prayed, I begin to understood why God causes this thing to happen to me. His purpose was to unite my two employers and I in prayer, in believing that God answers prayer and that He is awesome. You see? This give glory to His name! Praise God!
I will still keep looking for the key all over our house though, and maybe in our car, too. It will not matter to me anymore if I can find it or not, because I know that God is concern about His own credibility, and He'll take care of that. The thing that matters to me most is that the purpose on why this problem occurs is being served to the glory of His holy name.

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Day-Dreamin' Optimist said...

Such an encouraging story, my dear! I love that the Lord used this frantic situation for His glory, and I must admit, you are blessed to have employers that will pray with you. I hope you find that key!