Thursday, April 28, 2011

Want To Be Proactive? Follow The 5 P's

How do you generally control life situations? Do you cause things to happen, or move only after things happen? These are important questions to ponder, especially if you’re keen on being successful and happy in life. The most successful people in life are the ones who are proactive. Proactive people don’t sit around waiting for things to happen – they get up and make things happen. They thrive on being self-reliant and resourceful, and on taking responsibility for the task at hand.

Proactive people are always moving forward, looking to the future. They choose to actively engage rather than passively observe. Being proactive is a way of approaching the world. Reactive is: “I’ve got terrible abdominal pain. Maybe I’ll go to the hospital.” Proactive is: “Even though I’m symptom free, I want to live a healthy, long life. To this end, I exercise a lot and eat wholesome, non-processed foods.”

So, are you proactive or reactive in life?

Certainly, you can’t help being reactive sometimes in life. Living in the moment often means being flexible and adapting to a fast-changing environment. At other times, long-term plans must be scuttled in favour of a quick solution. Unavoidable road blocks also pop up every now and then – the kind even the most proactive person on the planet would not have been able to predict.

Proactive people exhibit five key behaviours, otherwise known as the 5 Ps:


If you want to be proactive, developing foresight is vital. Learn to anticipate events and problems with your creativity and logic. Use your imagination and think of multiple outcomes for how an event may unfold. And don’t always count on the past being a solid predictor for the future. Keep yourself on your toes.


Once potential obstacles are identified, the next step is to find ways to overcome them before they turn into real road blocks. A proactive person takes control of a challenge by confronting it head-on before it becomes insurmountable.


Proactive people don’t do ‘here and now’ thinking. They look ahead and anticipate future consequences for decisions taken, in a chain of events that leads to one result. Focusing on where you want to end up is key.


Being proactive means taking initiative and being part of the solution. Don’t simply react to the actions of other people. Engage with them. Make a contribution and exert influence. Relationships and on line dating with anyone should be balanced and two-way streets. Whether they meet through friends or on Dating sites Birmingham couples can often fall into lazy routines of staying in, watching films and not communicating. But now spring is in full bloom, be proactive with your partner by getting outdoors, exploring and doing something new together.


A proactive person takes action in a timely, effective manner: no excuses, no procrastination. Being proactive means taking responsibility for your actions and being careful about what steps you take. You are not just reacting impulsively to a situation or others.