Sunday, April 24, 2011

Happy Easter 2011

Happy Easter everybody! How was your day? Let me share to you on how mine was.
My husband and I had the chance to join the inter-church Easter Sunday Sunrise Service by the lagoon at Kelly Park this morning. This is my third Easter Sunday here in USA, but today was my first time celebrating it to the fullest.
It was a wonderful service and good to see that it was full-packed, too. We had donuts and coffee afterwards. It gave us the chance to mingle with other believers, and we got the chance to had fellowship with my friend's mother which is also a Filipina. It was so nice having a chit-chat with them. After the park, we went to each of our "home church" and had pancakes and sausage (teens fund raising program) where we had another chit-chat with another wonderful couple that I really admire so much.

At around 2:30 p.m., we had a family gathering at Aunt Kathy's house. It was after the kid's egg hunting. I heard the kids was having a blast. I missed to witnessed it, because I was cooking then. Well, I am hoping that next time I will be able to witness it.
Easter dinner was great. Everybody in the family brought their food and had a good chat. We were all so full and the gathering was a success. It is always feels good to be with family on days like this. God's name be praised on this day of Jesus' resurrection... and for all the days of our lives.


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