Saturday, June 4, 2011

My Top 10 EC Dropper of May 2011

Well, I am 4 days late again this time. I apologize for this because I am extremely busy lately. But I am glad that somehow I still manage to do this on fourth day. But rest assured that I am still on blogging and that I am still dropping on EC cards, too. There are so many things that are happening here. I am trying hard to update my post as often as possible...
Well, here is my post of expressing my sincere gratitude to all my EC droppers again, especially these top 10 Entrecard droppers of the month of May '11. From the bottom of my heart, I thank all of you for helping me be where I am now. I acknowledge and appreciate your dropping very much. I also wants to thank even to those who are not in the list. I know who you are. May all our websites/blogs be successful always.


My Top 10 EC Dropper of May 2011

2. Free Magic Tricks
3. Cafe Japan
4. Small Town Mommy
6. Some Assembly Required
9. comatised
10. The Ad Master


GAGAY said...

congrats sa top droppers nyu te!!!

kelan pa kaya ako maging top dropper dito?LOL!

nga pala,te, am inviting you to join my blog anniversary.. :D

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