Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Sarah - Women Of Genesis

During the time that my husband had the surgery at the VAMC Gainesville, FL, and up until we checked out, I read this book. I borrowed this from our church library. I figured that it has been a while ago since I last reading a book and took this chance to do it again.
The book SARAH - Women of Genesis, is authored by Orson Scott Card. Although the author admitted to have manipulate some of the minor characters and events for the purpose of making the tale interesting, but in overall ratings, they very enlightening and informative as well... and having read the entire Bible more than once, I can spot the difference right away.

I was amazed as I was reading this book. I seen my inmost personality in the life of the main character in most cases. I feel like it is so strange that it is almost impossible that somebody have similar outlook that I have. It made me ask myself this question: "Are women have general emotion when dealing with marriage issues?"

Anyway, I am glad that I got the chance to read again, and finished it as well. I hate starting a book and can't finish it. I'll be happy to return it back to our church library.

I would like to take this opportunity to thank all of those that utter some words of prayer for the surgery of my husband. Your prayers are heard from above. They mean so much to us. I believe that they will not go unrewarded. The surgery went very well. There was no infection or whatsover after the surgery, my husband felt that the doctors did fix him real good, and to top that, my husband's recovery is very fast that he's back to driving a car in less than two weeks after the surgery. I thank God for everything He did to my husband. His name is to be praised always!


Arvin U. de la Peña said...

ako din hate ko magbasa ng hindi ko tinatapos..

unikorna said...

I know what you have been through, I've been there. I am so happy he is fine now. And I am sure he will be fine as long as he has by his side such a fighter. Kisses.

cover letter said...

Great! Thanks for sharing.