Sunday, July 3, 2011

Get Connected In Times Of Calamity

I just read my friend's blog a while ago. She and her family are one of the survivors during the Japan earthquake last 3-11. She had described to us how terrified they were the day after that very strong earthquake. Transportation were cut off. Grocery store were emptied out by the people who were panic buying. No water supply. And above all, there were no means of communication; no internet... no cellphone signal.
Communication is very essential during calamities to render information about our whereabouts and status. We are so thankful for the technology that brought cellphones to almost everybody nowadays. But sad to say, that just when we needed it the most, that is the first thing to fail in times of calamity such as earthquake, storms and such. It is really frustrating that our phone service can't carry us through in times of needs.
Well, that was before the tsunami hit Thailand back in 2010. Once again, a genius come up with this great strategy where we can still get connected in times of calamity. Femtocells is a supporting satellite that provide emergency communication. This helps increase your mobile signal if it is weak in the area that you are in. Now, this is "not just" a great relief, but this is also a "life saver". If the victim can still get connected online, he/she can help the rescuer locate him/her. Once again, thanks to the technology. Femtocells are manufactured by Alcatel Lucent and sold all over the world.


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