Thursday, July 21, 2011

Thankful Thursday - His Amazing Grace

It has been quite a while since the last time I posted my "Thankful Thursday" entry. There has been so many things happened in this past few months that until now, I am still struggling to get back to where I was. But believe me, I am trying... really trying hard. One of them is my ministry, which is living to tell God's Amazing Grace. I will never leave this... as long as this is free... I will always be coming back here.
All through these days, I never cease to acknowledge that God bless me richly in every aspects of my life. His amazing grace is so sweet. Although there are some things that are not how I wanted it, but in God's point of view, it is what we need to become what God wanted me to be. Abundance, obstacles, pain and happiness are all part of the tasks that we have to overcome day by day.
I am just so grateful to God that He enable me to do this again. This is my life, telling everybody about how good God is, and before I go on, I would like to highlight this verse for you:
"All this is for your benefit, so that the grace that is reaching more and more people may cause thanksgiving to overflow to the glory of God." 2 Corinthians 4:15 NIV
...*In behalf of my husband, we are so thankful to God for the successful surgery he had last June 13th for his lower back. Everything went very well and the recovery was really fast. We are so thankful, too, to all that utter words of prayer for my husband. We appreciate it very much and we believe that your reward is sure to come in Jesus' name.
...*I thank God for the job He gave me. (It is the same old job that I have for 8 months now) I really love my job and I believe that I grow in some aspects of my life because of this job that God put me in. I did not brag about this because I know that this can be taken away from me anytime, but on each and every day that I work, I gave my best, and even extended it more than what my employer expected me to do. In this way, I will not feel guilty of not doing my best whenever they will take away my job from me. After all, having a job is an assignment of stewardship in God's point of view. The way we handle our job can bring glory to His name.
...*I thank God for the blessings, provision, divine health, loving-kindness, safety and grace He showered on us day by day.
...*I thank God that I still have my blog. It has PR4 for a while, but I lost 1 just a month ago. Obviously, it is from neglecting this for a while. But at least, I still have PR3 right now. Along with it, I thank God for all my readers, visitors, EC droppers and special mention to all my sponsors.
...*I thank God that per to what my mother said in her letter, she is doing fine. That is very important to me.
...*I thank God that our store is still running, although sometimes it was very slow and sometimes it was busy, but we believe that God got it under His control. He has been showering blessing on our store in His own ways... and it is always good.
I can go on and on, and still the list will not run out. Giving thanks to God is more than just words; it is also in action and in thoughts. Every single things around us and in us are chances to give thanks to God. Let us give God the glory. Our life is filled with His amazing grace


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Hi Grace,

Thanks for dropping your E-card which helped me to arrive & read.

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