Friday, February 24, 2012

NASA Tour (2-12-12)

It was Sunday right after the church service when my husband and I decided to spend the afternoon to somewhere that we haven't been. NASA. It was our pre- Valentine's Day date since we will both be busy on the Valentine's Day, him being in school for the whole day and me being in the store for 12 hours. I don't know what is it with us, but almost every time we go out for a date, it always happened to be a chilly day. With all those scarves. gloves, winter coat and bonnet that I have in house, I only happened to wear this almost-sheer satin jacket that my Aunt Kathy gave me. The weather was not so bad in the morning when we left the house, and also it was cooler up there to where the NASA is, too. I was really freezing to death that I feel like my brain is going to sleep and I was shaking all over. I was browsing through their gift shop and boy, was I so happy to find the bonnet in there. I know I didn't need another bonnet to my closet, but at least this one have a logo of NASA on it. Well, it saved me, and had me going.

We really had a blast. It was a 5 hour tour, and there wasn't enough time for us to see everything. Buses transfers from places to places. IMAX movies, demonstrations, showrooms, and many more. It had me in awe of how vast the universe is. Unfathomable!

It was really a great day! Thank God for the opportunity to experience such things and to had a glimpse of your marvelous work. How great are you oh, God!